The Shiny Colours

Every element on Plurality that you can interact with has a shiny, metallic gradient.

Gold indicates a Community Survey, i.e. a Survey question that was submitted by Plurality users. The buttons related to drafting Survey questions will be Gold as well.

Silver indicates Standard Surveys, as well as all other buttons.


SurveyA Survey is a question on Plurality that players can draft, respond to, and play by trying to guess the most common responses.
Practice SurveyThe first 8 Surveys in Plurality did not received very few responses. For these "Practice" Surveys, you can reveal the top responses by making just a few guesses.
ResponseA player's answer to a Survey that other players will try to guess as part of gameplay.
GuessingPlaying a Survey by trying to guess the most common responses.
DraftingWriting and submitting a Community Survey question.
CommunitySurveys that were written by players via Drafting.
StandardSurveys that were written by the Plurality team.