How to Play 

What is Plurality?

Plurality is:

  • A game that tests how well you know the most common opinions on the internet.
  • A platform that invites you to share your opinions with the rest of the world.
  • A decentralized application that uses that allows users to control the direction of the game.

There are 3 things you can do on Plurality: Guessing, Responding, and Drafting. Learn more about each below!


Every day, a new Survey becomes available for playing. You can play a Survey by guessing what were the most common responses to the Survey question. The percentage of total responses represented by your guesses is your score. To win, you need to reach a score of at least 60%. However, you are only allowed a limited number guesses.

The more diverse the Survey responses, the harder it will be to guess 60% of them. Thus the number of guesses allowed for each Survey depends on the variety of answers submitted. Every Survey is winnable using the allowed number of guesses, but some will be more difficult than others!

Hint: If you guess a response that nobody submitted, don't worry, it doesn't count. The danger is in guessing responses that very few people gave, because you will run out of guesses before getting a high enough score to win.

But who are the Survey respondents? You are!


Anyone who is signed-in can respond to any open Survey. At a given time, several Surveys will be up on the site. Responses can either be a single word or number, depending on the Survey category. Users will be prompted to check their spelling if their response is flagged as a potential typo. Rude and hateful responses are not allowed.

But who chooses the Survey questions? You do!


Survey questions are chosen either by the Plurality team, or by you, the player! Writing your own Survey question is called Drafting, and it costs $5 CAD. After the purchase, Survey drafts are placed "Under Review". After they have been reviewed and approved, they will show up in the queue as questions Surveys for players to respond to, and eventually play!